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2024 Desk Calendar (stand not included)

2024 Desk Calendar (stand not included)

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This premium quality 7x5" (12 cards) 2024 desk calendar features 12 of our most loved CalmLines illustrated by Carrianne Nackers which, BONUS!, become a Tiny Calm Card at month's end.

  • Each month is a 7x5" card that includes a monthly mantra to help guide your mindset for the month
  • BONUS! At the end of each month, follow the guidelines and your monthly illustration becomes a traveling Tiny Calm Card 
  • Printed in Minnesota on professional quality, thick card stock

Stand not included. Reuse your stand from last year you, oh wonderful, you! 


    Okay, so I have a Tiny Calm Card, now what? Here are a few ideas on how to best utilize this bonus feature! 

    • Build the CalmSquad Community! Share the card with a friend, family member, coworker, or new friend, and introduce them to the beautiful world of CalmLines! 
    • Build a new tool for calm! Simply punch a hole, place cards on a ring, and bam! Tiny CalmCards that can follow you wherever you are!
    • Build suspense! Leave the card in a public gathering space, office kitchen, or shared workspace. What a surprise it'll be when found!  
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