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The Happy Apricot

Wallpaper Central

Wallpaper Central

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Hi friends! Excited you've found the goldmine that is Wallpaper Central! Make sure you sign up for The Happy Newsletter so you'll always be the first to know when new wallpapers are available! 

My hope is that these designs give you another micro-moment of calm in your day. Time to take a deep breath and sit in a moment of calm.

Maybe these designs can serve as a reminder to be mindful of your free time before diving into hours of scrolling or diving into after-hours work emails, Twitter tangents, or impulse Amazon buys. But hey! No judgment here. I do all of the above (minus Twitter because I don't like it haha) every day. Sometimes it brings me joy, but other times, it brings me well, not joy. I strive for balance - maybe these wallpapers can help us find just that. Peace friends. 

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