Hey, so here's my story.

Years ago, I mentioned to my sweet Grandma that I loved dried apricots. From that moment on I received apricot related items for my birthday every, single, year. Pause.

Fast-forward to 2020 and I'm in a design rut. I start creating CalmLines illustrations and my dear friend suggests I dive deeper into this idea and floats the business name "The Happy Apricot". (How did she know this was the most perfect name ever?!) Pause.

It's a year later and I get the devastating news that my cousin has made the decision to end her life. She had been working in a male-dominated industry and work had beat her down to feeling worthless. She literally couldn't live one more day. I looked at my own life and saw simliar feelings of feeling trapped, stuck, used, and unhappy due to my work situation. I decided it was time for a change.

I quit my full-time gig and lauched The Happy Apricot, creating art to help cultivate calm. My hope is that my illustrations can be reminders and tools to help you take a step back, find calm, refocus your mindset, and know when it's time to make a change.

Let's cultivate calm.
Let's fight the culture of hustle.
Let's build a
Let's find our inner peace: that might just be enough to change the world.

Let's talk!