The Happy Apricot & Friends

Friends supporting friends.
Woman supporting woman.
Females taking the world by storm.

Whichever way you say it, that's what this page is! These are the woman I stand next to in the life of the side hustle, the life of a entrepreneur, and the life of making the world a better place. Whether you find us at the Titletown Night Market having fun and selling some cool stuff or in the Brown County Library putting on an event for Family Grief Support, you'll find us smiling and ready to connect. 

Check out these ladies and their work, I am constantly blown away by them and how many people they touch through their work, their craft and their art. 


Grief Your Way

Grief Your Way is an online individualized grief program for anyone who is living with the death of a loved one. Everyone experiences grief differently which is why cookie-cutter grief programs leave so many people feeling unsatisfied, without the healing they need to move on with their lives.

Grief Your Way is different. This program uses your relationship with the person who died and psychology to create an online grief program that is unique to you.

My goal is to help people fully heal, move on from grief, and shed their pain to live their full lives again.


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doTerra Wellness Advocate

My name is Emily Rashid and I have been a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA Essential Oils for 7 years. In that time, I have learned a lot about how essential oils work in the body and which oils will likely work best for you. 

There's a lot of confusing and conflicting information out there about essential oils. I love to clear things up for people and help them find natural solutions for their health. Shoot me a message to set up a brief, no pressure meeting to learn about how oils work and which ones would be most helpful for you! Tell me that you came from this site and I have an extra freebie for you! 

My goal is to help people find natural solutions for their health.


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