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Kids Calm Cards Set - Rawr!

Kids Calm Cards Set - Rawr!

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It's about time we answered the call of the wild! 
This Mesozoic-themed pack has been crafted with some of my favorite youngsters in mind. So pull up a comfy seat and travel back in time with your child as you trace the cool blue chill Brontosaurus named Dino (in honor of Dean Martin of course!), the pointed but shy Steggy, tough and stubborn Cera, the free-flying high-emotional pterodactyl Vector and of course, our hot-headed but kind tyrannosaurus rex, Reggie

Use this set to connect with your child after a long day at school or unwind after a day full of activities. Take turns making up stories about each dinosaur and imagine how they may talk about their big feelings. You might start with Reggie's hot-headed spunk and end with Dino's cool approach to life. Let your imagination rule this calm moment.  

Set includes 5 Original CalmLines illustrations and is laminated and secured by a silver ring. 
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