Secret Santa Bingo

Secret Santa with a twist, but make it a game! Now here’s the story behind it. 

First part goes like this… when I was in middle school, my friends and I would have an annual Christmas party sleepover. We’d pick Secret Santa names and have a fun secret santa drop off for a week before finally revealing who we picked at the party with a gift! It was the best. I have very, very happy memories of trying to figure out who’s footprints were at my door in the morning and whose handwriting might be on the clues. One year my Dad ding-dong-ditched my friend Jessica as he dropped off the gift and had to hide in the bushes until the coast was clear! We were DEDICATED! (which if you know any of us, doesn’t come as a surprise!) 

Second part goes a little like this… a few year ago, my aunt invited me into a Kindness Challenge snapchat group for the month of December. Each day she’d send out a task to complete. And it was so fun watching everyone’s accountability snaps come through as they did the act of kindness for the day! 

So I thought it would be fun to combine two very happy memories but make it into a game to share with all you lovely CalmSquad-ers. (Omg did I really just type that? Oh well, moving on!) 

So here is the deal. I’ve attached the bingo card (full color and bw b/c not all of us have an office to secretly print things in full color anymore!) And I’m hoping you’ll print it out and tick off boxes as we move towards Christmas (or whatever holiday you may be celebrating!) Once you have 5 in a row OR a full card, snap a pic and share it to my Instagram or Facebook! This will accomplish two things; earn you a discount code to use on the website AND enter you to win a FREE Crewneck or shirt of your choosing from the site! 

Let’s get our kindness on this season! 

Peace friends.



Carrianne Nackers

Artist/Founder of The Happy Apricot

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