Love Yourself

Love. Specifically self-love. What a great topic for this cold, February morning. 

Story time.

Over the past few years, I have slowly begun to put myself first for moments of calm, moments of serenity, and moments of self-care. Let me tell you, it hasn’t always been easy. But it has always been worth it. 

In the summer and fall months, I would drag myself out of bed, wrapped in a blanket - journal in hand, to welcome the day from my deck. Some days I’d pull out my yoga mat and get in some movement. But most days, I would simply journal, meditate or read a little bit, before starting the day. 

It took a while, but eventually, those early mornings became like air to me, I needed that time, I craved it. I began looking forward to the cool cushions beneath me and the steamy cup of tea sitting next to me. I loved the sound of the birds chirping in the morning air, and the sun. Oh, mother!, the sun. That sweet warmth on my face, greeting me just as much as I was greeting it. Those mornings gave me life in a time when I needed a routine of self-care more than ever. Other parts of my life were filled with chaos and uncertainty (i’m looking at you global pandemic!). But this, this was steady. This felt, like love.

I soon found that when I took the time, whether I got a full hour or could only sneak in 10 minutes, the trajectory of my day was more positive, healthier almost. My brain needed a calm entry into the day. My soul needed to feel one with nature. My body needed to feel the warmth of the sun.  I needed to build my day in a way that gave myself some love first, so that I was able to give others the love they deserved throughout the rest of my day. 


These days.

It is cold now, and dark, and my 3 year old likes to sneak into my bed in the early hours of the morning. So my mornings have looked a little different as of late. But let me tell you, a cup of hot tea, a dim light in the morning darkness are just enough to tap me back into that calm. That beautiful, self-care that saved me from having rotten day, so many times.

Challenge accepted.

Everyone has a different morning routine that jobs, kids, spouses and environment dictate for them. My challenge to you this day, week and maybe even month, is to look at your reality and find where you can insert just a little moment of calm for your morning. Can you take 3 seconds and smell your coffee before slamming the travel lid on and running out the door? Can you take a few deep, mindful breaths before slithering out of bed (Anyone else literally fall out of bed like slime? Just me?) Can you sneak out of your bedroom in the morning, and give yourself 20 minutes under a blanket with your favorite book and giant glass of water before jumping into the day? 


I think you can do it. Let’s do it together. Take the next moment, think about what you’d like to try, and tomorrow morning, let’s get after it. I can’t wait to see how it goes for you. 

As for me in these cold months, you will find me under a blanket with my journal and a hot cup of tea for the foreseeable future! Take care friends.

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Carrianne Nackers

Artist/Founder of The Happy Apricot


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Beautifully written. I can definitely relate to the chaos which has become the norm. A couple of years ago I couldn’t imagine everything I’d be able to do during these daylight hours- proud of what I can accomplish, but in the back of my head knowing that it’s taking a toll.

Calm challenge accepted. ❤️


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