5 Things Making Me Smile

One of my absolute favorite podcast hosts and authors is Gretchen Rubin. Years ago, when I was drifting a bit, my friend suggested I read her book "The Happiness Project". I soon became enthralled with her writing style and started listening to her podcast every morning on my walks, as well as subscribing to every newsletter and update she had available! She helped pull me out of a weird space and I'm forever grateful! 

Every week or so, she releases a blog entitled "5 Things Making Me Happy". I love reading about her inspiration and what things she might have found to boost happiness that might also apply to me. So, I've decided to do something similar and every few weeks or so share the top things that are recently making me smile! Sound good? Okay sweet, let's go! 


My Peloton Bike 
I realize I'm very lucky to be able to have a Peloton bike. My husband's monthly health and wellness fund through work was able to get us one of these, and I'll be always grateful! It took me awhile, but I'm now officially hooked and I cannot wait until my next ride. It's the perfect moment to take time to myself, work on my own health, and get out of my head for a moment. Lately, I've been so focused on cultivating calm, I missed out on that counter part to calm - crazy-energy! My rides give me that, and I've found its key to the balance I crave. 

Do you ride? Feel free to friend me and we can ride together! My user name is The Happy Apricot! ;) 


My New Chiropractor 
I recently tweaked my shoulder a bit and decided this week that it was time to find some relief. Off a recommendation from a friend (thanks Brett!) I scheduled a time to meet Dr. Alex and I'm so very grateful. His approach is 'let's fix the problem and then see you never' which is exactly the type of chiropractor I've been looking for! I'm excited to put in the work to be pain free - with a wonderful guide along the way! 


Pastel Highlighters
I have NEVER liked the bright colors that highlighters typically come in and it's always been a weird pet peeve of mine. Well, it turns out that just a little search on Amazon brought me to a beautiful pack of pastel highlighters and it brings me so much joy, I cannot even explain it!  


Setting My Alarm
With my schedule being as loose as it is some days, I haven't set a morning alarm in a good 6 months. My son wakes us up anyways, and being that I don't have a set time to start work, I have deferred to him to wake us up and start the morning. This week, through an intense journalling session, I realized it was time to stop living in my pandemic-no-alarm-no-shower-needed mindset and take back my mornings. This week, I've set my alarm and I have gotten up on time to start my day! It's made a huge difference and I'm genuinely excited to get my mornings back - all to myself! 


Learning Adobe AfterEffects
I've always wanted to learn how to animate my CalmLines Illustrations. I reconnected with a friend from my Mills Fleet Farm Advertising Specialist days and he offered me a training session to learn the animation skills I lack. I was nervous but so excited to sit down with him via Zoom and learn a new skill. It's a different part of my brain to work in motion, but he was such a patient and knowledgeable teacher, I picked it up in no time! Stay tuned for more animations coming your way! Shout out to Chase at Grit LLC. for all of the help and guidance! Give him a follow - he's amazing! 


Welp friends that is five! Leave a comment below to let me know if you like this type of blog every once in a while, and what has been making you smile this week! 


Peace friends.

Carrianne Nackers

Artist/Founder of The Happy Apricot

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